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For Immediate Release: January 15, 2017  |  Entertainment/Theatre |  Bárbara Selfridge announces Stalking Grace at Spectrum Art Gallery, 608 E Olive Av, The Tower District, March 4-11, as part of the Fresno Rogue Festival  |   Opening Show Sat March 4 at 1:45p, also Sun Mar 5 at 4:15p, Fri Mar 10 at 6p, and Sat Mar 11 at 4:15p  |  Tickets: $5 (w/ festival wristband) |  Wheelchair Accessible  |  Media contact: Bárbara Selfridge, 510-390-0283 or  |  |  Festival box office:  |   More information at

                                                                                                 Bárbara Selfridge (note accent!) presents:

Stalking Grace Stalks Rogue-Goers

Bárbara Selfridge is a stalker.  In her 45-minute show Stalking Grace, she stalks her mentor, the writer/activist Grace Paley.  Creepy!  As they say, “Be grateful she’s not stalking YOU!”  Eventually, though, there’s a case to be made for the meaning that a passion like Selfridge’s brings into your life.

Or maybe not. 

Audiences at the Fresno Rogue Festival, March 2-11, are invited to decide for themselves.  Selfridge’s solo performance — called “A great story,” by the Chicago Reader — appears at the Spectrum Art Gallery, 608 E. Olive Av, in the tower district. 

Selfridge portrays her mentor Paley as both a poetry-slinger, and a truth-to-power fighter, with book deals, desegregation, global warming, Vietnam, and casual sexism as the backdrop to her life.  In one scene, writer Norman Mailer accuses Paley of trying to “pussy-whip” then-Secretary of State George Schultz, a story that thrills her fiercely leftist mentee. 

This is Selfridge’s second solo performance piece written for the Fringe circuit.  Her previous show, “Zero Tolerance: Sex, Math and Seizures,” depicted mathematicians, sex-addicts, and epileptics (ie Selfridge’s immediate family), and was called, “…funny, sad, thoughtful stuff that cuts to the chase of the human condition.” 

Selfridge is a writer based in Oakland, California.  She worked as a literary escort (“not as lurid as it sounds”) and as personal assistant to Grace Paley and Alice Walker.  She works with three theatres: Theatre Unlimited, for developmentally-disabled playwrights and actors, The Marsh, for solo performers, and Stagebridge, for seniors.

Selfridge created this piece with help from solo performance heavyweights David Ford, Julia McNeal, and Rebecca Fisher.  She also credits her sister Margaret, who shines in the Kickstarter movie that the sisters used to raise funds (“Take Me to the Fringe”).  Margaret Selfridge sings backup in the New Hope Band, a rock band for people with special needs.  That’s sets the bar pretty high, doesn’t it?


Stalking Grace at Spectrum Art Gallery, 608 E. Olive Av, March 4-11, as part of the Fresno Rogue Festival: 3/4 at 1:45p, 3/5 at 4:15p, 3/10 at 7:15p, and 3/11 at 4:15p  |  Tickets: $5 (w/ festival wristband) |  Wheelchair Accessible  | Box office:  |  Media contact: Bárbara Selfridge, 510-390-0283,, and




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