My fund-raising page on Act Blue

Dear would-be election-fixers,

Now's the time!  Usually unseating incumbents is so hard (they win 85% of the time) that it's almost not worth the effort to run against them.

And last election (2010), less than a tenth of the California legislative races were "open" — in other words, NOT pitting a challenger against an incumbent.  But this year, because of that redistricting we did, a full third of our state races are "open"!  Yowsa!  That's a lot of governmental change truly hanging in the balance, truly up for grabs.

And why do I want to grab the California legislature?  Because ever since 1978 when Prop 13 imposed an anti-democratic restriction on California's budget — needing a two-thirds majority to pass — California's health, education and infrastructure have been hammered by cuts.  Prop 13 gave the Republicans — as the MINORITY party — the ability to stop the state from raising taxes. 

So maybe you care about class size in kindergartens or the cost and quality of our colleges.  Or maybe you have someone in your family like my sister Margaret, brain-damaged at birth, and you too can see the devastation of cuts to Medi-Cal.  Maybe it just galls you to see services cut while banks and corporations and the 1% go tax-free.

I'm not saying that the Obama-Romney race isn't important.  Or the ballot measure to end the death penalty.  They're big!  I'm just saying that this, right now, is our best chance, in California, to dump enough of these anti-people politicians to let our more-vulnerable citizens breathe easier.

So here's what I'm asking.  That you vote, natch.  And, if you can, contribute money to these 15 Democrats who are running against Republicans for "open" seats in the California Senate and Assembly.  I set up a page on the Act Blue web-site so that you can contribute to all 15 at once (equally or unequally, as you will, but maybe especially progressive Fran Pavley).   

If you can't contribute or don't want to, then I hope you anyway appreciate having a little more information about the really competitive races in this election.

CA Senate 

CA-05S  Cathleen Calgiani (D) running against Bill Berryhill (R)

CA-19S  Hannah-Beth Jackson (D) running against Mike Stoker (R)

CA-27S  Fran Pavley (D) running against Todd Zink (R)

CA-31S  Richard Roth (D) running against Jeff Miller (R)

CA-39S  Marty Block (D) running against George Plescia (R)

CA Assembly

CA-08A  Ken Cooley (D) running against Peter Tateishi (R)

CA-21A  Adam Gray (D) running against Jack Mobley (R)

CA-28A  Paul Fong (D) running against Chad Walsh (former R)

CA-32A  Rudy Salas (D) running against Pedro Rios (R)

CA-36A  Steve Fox (D) running against Ron Smith (R)

CA-40A  Russ Warner (D) running against Mike Morrell (R)

CA-49A  Ed Chau (D) running against Matthew Lin (R)

CA-61A  José Medina (D) running against Bill Batey (R)

CA-65A  Sharon Quirk-Silva (D) running against Chris Norby (R)

CA-66A  Al Muratsuchi (D) running against Craig Huey (R)


I also like these (but didn't put them on my ActBlue fundraising page):

CA Delagation, House of Representatives

CA-03H  John Garamendi (D) running against Kim Vann (R)

CA-07H  Ami Bera (D) running against Dan Lungren (R)

CA-09H  Jerry McNerney (D) running against Ricky Gill (R)

CA-10H  José Hernandez (D) running against Jeff Denham (R)

CA-21H  John Hernandez (D) running against David Valadao (R)

CA-24H  Lois Capps (D) running against Abel Maldonado (R)

CA-26H  Julia Brownley (D) running against Tony Strickland (R)

CA-33H  Henry Waxman (D) running against Bill Bloomfiled (R)

CA-36H  Raul Ruiz (D) running against Mary Bono Mack (R)

CA-41H  Mark Takano (D) running against John Taviglione (R)

CA-47H  Alan Lowenthal (D) running against Gary DeLong (R)

CA-49H Jerry Tetalman (D) running against Darrell Issa (R)

CA-52H Scott Peters (D) running against Brian Bilbray (R)