Press Release: Regina International Fringe Festival

For Immediate Release: June 1, 2017 | Entertainment/Theatre | Bárbara Selfridge announces Sex, Math and Seizures at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum July 3 – 8 as part of the Regina International Fringe Theatre Festival | Opening night Mon Jul 3 @ 7p, also Tues Jul 4 @ 5p, Wed Jul 5 @ 1p, Thurs Jul 6 @ 4p, Fri Jul 7 @ 8:30p, and Sat Jul 8 @ 1:15p| Tickets: $12 | sex-math-seizures-tickets-34705633484 | Media contact: Bárbara Selfridge, 510-390- 0283 or | more information at

Bárbara Selfridge (note accent over the first a!) presents:

Sex, Math and Seizures

Bárbara Selfridge asks theatre-goers to decide, each of them on their own, which is scarier: epilepsy or prime numbers. Also sex. Also: family members you can’t trust with the care of others versus those whom you, yourself, do not care to be entrusted with (thank you very much!). Her solo performance in this year’s fringe festival will weigh in on these aspects of care-giving and on the demands placed on family advocates.

The Calgary Metro called Selfridge’s solo performance a “Must See!” while the Calgary Herald found it: “...funny, sad, thoughtful stuff that cuts to the chase of the human condition.”

“Be nice to your children: they’ll decide your nursing home” — bumper sticker

The story behind “Sex, Math and Seizures” is that Selfridge, at age 49, is asked to institutionalize her somewhat-estranged and more-than-somewhat- strange mathematician father. Selfridge the daughter, however, has never forgiven her father for the institutionalization, at age 11, of her brain- damaged sister. Yikes! The story also includes Selfridge’s surprisingly witty sister, surprisingly racy mother, and two conferences: one for number theorists and the other urging social workers to guilt-trip middle-aged women into forgiving the fathers who abandoned them at the time of their parents’ divorce. Double-yikes!

“Bárbara Selfridge is what a writer should be: truthful and brazen and attentive to pain” Grace Paley

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“Sex, Math and Seizures” to Regina Fringe Festival 2

Selfridge worked on this piece with ace San Francisco directors David Ford and Julia McNeal. She also credits her sister Margaret, who shines in the Kickstarter movie the sisters used to raise funds for this piece (“Take Me to the Fringe”). Margaret sings backup in New Hope, a rock band for people with special needs. New Hope music plays pre-show. Bárbara Selfridge’s writing honors include major fellowships (the National Endowment for the Arts, Poets and Writers, etc); she is a long-time member of Theatre Unlimited, a troupe that features actors and playwrights with developmental disabilities.

Media contact: Bárbara Selfridge, 510-390-0283, banterw8@aol,